Unfortunately our Coach, Speak and Write program ended Spring of 2022

Dear RNterprise Academy,

Our final Level 1 cohort graduated in Spring 2022 as they packaged up their expertise and have been equipped to serve the world with their purpose-filled coaching programs, books, and trainings. 


All previous students will continue to have access to recorded sessions via Kajabi for reference.  They will also continue to receive an invite to our annual retreat.


Covid impacted our events which led to a great financial negative effect, which has been very tough.  The bright side is that my spirit also made room for a greater purpose- and birthed a new vision out of my healing process.

We now serve to to support African American families across the nation with health education.

After receiving this GOD given inspiration, now known as "The Color of Wellness",  I discovered a passion of combining my writing with community service.  Namely, Health Equity.  My spirit has been revived, and after taking a year off to heal, I am able to serve again.


This time, however, required a pivot.  I have now shifted into digital media in order to serve communities without spreading too thin.  a

Little did I know that I HAD to spend some down time going through my own healing journey.  I was severely burned out and didn't even realize it.

Fast forward, this new brand has been well received and is positioned for giving back and is all about community health and wellness education by black nurses for black families.


Please visit us at www.ColorOfWellness.co 

to continue this earths journey with us.  


Continue to utilize your gifts towards the betterment of the human race.  It has been a blessing watching many of you dig deep and create products and services that will last beyond your lifetime.   Congratulations on leaving your LEGACY products. 


Should you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach us at [email protected]

Thank you all for allowing me to share with you the framework that pivoted me into thought leadership.

Keep coaching, Keep speaking, Keep writing!



Onward and Upward,

Coach Michelle

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