About Us

RNterprise was founded in 2016 by Michelle G. Rhodes with the vision to create self-actualization among nurses across the globe. This company was instigated by the alliance of black women entrepreneurs who wanted to make an impact on the business world by empowering nurses to reach their maximum potential, pursue bigger goals and work as entrepreneurs, writers, public speakers, healthcare coaches, and trainers.  Contact us today to visit our agency list of Nurse Speakers. Email us at [email protected]



Who is Michelle G. Rhodes?

Michelle G. Rhodes is the CEO of RNterprise ™ Academy, International Speaker and 8-time author who has a rich experience of 24 years in health care and Registered Nursing. Michelle is a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Mentor who has completed both the WellCoaches and Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship programs which is why she can provide her clients with a nurse professional perspective. Inspired by her passion to help people realize their dreams and pursue bigger goals; Michelle founded RNterprise ™, where she offers personal development programs for nurses with the vision to create a national tribe of nurse entrepreneurs who coach, train, speak and write.



Michelle transformed her passion for coaching into helping others which is why her work is not just work, it’s an art. Combining her love for coaching, the business of Healthcare and out-of-the-box thinking, she is proud to have helped over 100+ Nurses become entrepreneurs, start businesses, write books, and move in the realm of paid public speaking.

She has been recognized and appreciated by all the reputable societies and circles. Following awards are the testament to her high-quality services:

  • “Woman of the Year” (Xcellence Inc., 2017)
  • “Managed Care Nursing Leader of the Year” (AAMCN, 2017)
  • “Community Leader Award” (Love yourself to life Inc., 2017)
  • “ICON Award for Nurse Entrepreneurship” (Florida Nurses Association, 2019)
  • "Nurse Entrepreneur of the Year" (Women with Vision , Inc., 2020)
  • "MVP Award " (Black Nurse Entrepreneurs, 2020)
  • "Change Agent-Innovator" (NAHSE FL 2021)


RNterprise’s mission to help nurses realize their potential as business owners, move them towards innovative ideas, and launch them towards entrepreneurial goals. 



To be the first choice Entrepreneurial Platform for nurses all across the globe, through our dedicated services for empowering nurses and helping them reach their full potential.  



  • Attention to detail – RNterprise focuses on high attention to detail when it comes to managing entrepreneurial courses for the nurses.
  • Commitment - RNterprise is committed to providing a great experience for its users by uniting education with practicality.
  • Diversity - RNterprise emphasizes nurses to have diversity in their career approach. It stresses them to move towards higher goals by spreading their wings in becoming entrepreneurs, writers, public speakers, or healthcare coaches.


 Positioning Statement

For all the Nurses out there who want to flourish and move towards bigger goals in their life, RNterprise is their best way to move "onward and upward". We will help you in self-actualization and equip you with all the necessary training that you need to blossom in the  entrepreneurial world.


Certified Executive Coach
Covid-19 Transitional Leader
Expert Presenter
Nurse Trainer
Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Facilitator
Post Crisis Leader
Small Business and Enterprise Leader