3 ways Nurse Entrepreneurs can use research as a growth hack!

Nurse Entrepreneurs aka Nurse Bosses –

Here are 3 strategies that you can implement in order to

use research as a growth hack!

Research does not have to be intimidating! Remember it is an avenue for exploration of your business services, products, or processes. Let’s discuss 3 ways that research will elevate your business. 

Validate and refine existing products/services 

Nurse bosses chose the route of nurse entrepreneurship to make a difference with the audience served. But how do you actually know if you have reached the goals based on business and the customers’ perspectives? You have to do your research! In order to do this, you need to identify your research question and the outcome(s) you want to explore. 

The research questions posed are answered in two forms of data: 1) numerical data that can be gathered from a larger amount of people to determine differences or relationships (i.e. quantitative research) or 2) narrative data that seeks to understand a process or problem in a particular setting (i.e. qualitative research). Say you’re a nurse boss who wants to explore their customer’s satisfaction level in using a hospital gown made to minimize the central line interference movement. You might ask, “how useful is this hospital gown in getting around?” or “what was your experience in using XYZ hospital gown?” Can you see how the answers you receive from respondents might differ? Recognize there is power in how you ask the questions.

Innovate using evidence

One the things that surprises entrepreneurs is that no matter the stage of the business (from identifying your business, to growth of business and beyond), research can be used as a tool. A wonderful example of this is the use of research for service or product development. 

The Delphi technique is a practical research method ideal for service or product development. This technique is often used when consensus expert views are sought in nursing education, management, and clinical work (for instance, changing procedures or educational competencies). However, nurse bosses can also utilize this approach for cementing innovative services or products with evidence and support with the goal of achieving consensus in a group of experts. This research technique typically includes 2-3 levels of information gathering to modify and market your service or product for those with experience in the market. 

Determine your business presence

One of the biggest lessons I have consistently learned as a nurse entrepreneur is to align my business vision with my purpose. But I believe that nurse entrepreneurs also need to align their purpose with their presence. Say that you are a nurse entrepreneur focused on opening adult care living facilities. You might state your vision is to help older adults achieve a satisfying quality of life and your purpose is to refine the way care is delivered to seniors at the facility. Conducting research is a way to determine if your purpose aligns with the customers’ needs.  Don’t forget that implications of your research from the perspective of both nurse entrepreneurs and their customers should be shared. Dissemination, such as publication or presentation, is needed. 

Dr. Sandra Cleveland, CEO and Owner

Tribe Consulting, LLC



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