Health is Wealth

As Entrepreneurs our plates are overflowing, we all wish there were more than 24 hours in a day.  I applaud you for some time out for yourself, so let's talk.

We’ve all heard the catchphrase: Health is Wealth. I hate calling it a “catchphrase,” because that makes it sound like it’s empty or meaningless. But, let’s face it, it IS a catchphrase – it’s short, simple, and easy to remember.

It’s also the truth.

What do we mean we say, “Health is Wealth”?

Well, when you think about traditional wealth – financial wealth – what comes to mind? Personally, when I think of material wealth, I think security. I think stability. I think about being at peace and having a sense of wellbeing because you can handle any problem that comes up.

Now, when I think about health – the state of your body, mind, and spirit – I truthfully think about many of the same things. Good health can provide us with that same sense of wellbeing. And being healthier means being more stable and less worried about the future.

Health and Wealth are similar in another important way: they both take work. It takes work to build up wealth. And, it takes works to keep it.

Likewise, it takes work to get healthy. It takes work to stay healthy.

Let’s be honest, some of us probably have an easier time making money – building up our financial wealth – than we do getting our bodies and minds into better shape.

And, you know what, that’s fine. Nothing worth having is easy.

We’re all on our own path. Stop comparing yourself to others. You shouldn’t do that when it comes to material wealth, and you definitely shouldn’t do that when it comes to getting healthy.

Stop looking at your family, friends, and coworkers on Facebook and Instagram and wishing that you were as happy and healthy as them. Stop wishing you had their house, their car, and their well-behaved kids.

Because, here’s the secret: No one is as happy or healthy as they look in their Instagram photos. No one’s life is as perfect as they claim on Facebook.

The only comparisons you should be making are between yourself today and your past self. Do you feel better today than you did yesterday? A week ago? A month ago? If the answer is no, then you need to take more steps.

That is how you live your best life. That is how you find the best version of yourself. Constant improvement. Getting healthier day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month.

And, let me be crystal clear: I’m not just talking about losing weight. I’m not just talking about getting your body healthy. I’m talking about getting your mind, your spirit, your soul healthy at the same time. It’s all connected.

Make no mistake, Health Is wealth. But, it’s a more fulfilling kind of wealth than just having a lot of money. It’s not about marble countertops in your kitchen. And it’s not about the clothes you wear or the car you drive. Because if you have all that, but you feel sick and weak, what good is it? If you have every worldly possession you can dream of, but your mind isn’t healthy, what’s the point?



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