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Summer is at its height. Many of us have already taken a vacation or are just about to and are enjoying the tail end of summer. The kids are starting to get bored and testing our patience. The heat is starting to become too much to bear. And every novel activity has been done and enjoyed many times over. At the same time, we’ve turned our attention toward back-to-school preparation. We’ve got doctor’s visits on the calendar, one last trip planned, and a little bit more self-care to get excited about.

In this way, August is a transitional month. We’re both still enjoying summer and saying goodbye to it. We’re preparing for another school year, but haven’t quite switched gears yet. I think it’s this dueling nature of August that makes it feel so exhausting to a lot of us. That’s why it’s so important to remember self-care. Now that the vacations have been taken, the pool parties enjoyed, the day trips experienced, allow yourself time for some of summer’s quieter pleasures. Read a good book, curl up on the porch in a thunderstorm, pick some fruit and try new recipes. (Speaking of, please don’t miss our veggie sandwich recipe this month).

All of these things support women’s wellness and help ease the transitional turmoil that comes up this time of year. As women, we experience many transitions and help usher in many changes for our families, spouses and parents. That’s all a bit much to cope with emotionally, so don’t forget to take care of you. This includes preventive measures like gong to your mammograms and performing self-exams. To support our family day in and day out, we’ve got to be our best, and the only way to be that is to make sure that we are physically healthy.

During August, summer isn’t over, but we all can feel how close the end is. Darkness is creeping up on us and taking the tail end of our days. A chilly breeze here and there reminds us nothing lasts forever. Even the air conditioners and pool filters seem to sound tired and overworked. The important thing, however is to enjoy every minute for what it is. Don’t go full force into the back-to-school-preparations and ignore all the glorious moments still left in the season. Make sure to keep having fun right up until the last second. But don’t neglect your responsibilities either. Yes we are tackling financial wellness too, this month! Revel in the dualistic nature of August. Bask in the sun as you anticipate the newness that is about to unfold. Flaunt more skin as you take action on how to best care for that body as well. Enjoy time with your children, as you also fantasize about their moving to their next stage in life.

Women’s wellness is the core of this publication as we spotlight various ways to care more and more for yourself. Connect with us for more wellness initiatives or training to help your organization remain well as we maneuver through the next season in life.

Michelle G. Rhodes, MHS, RN, CMCN

Michelle is a Nurse Influencer, international speaker, sought after trainer, 8 x author, author and Executive Coach. Her signature system: “The M.I.M. Technique” that helps Nurse Executives keep their staff well via the mission, immerse

on and mindset. Michelle is the Founder of Michelle Rhodes Media LLC, Greene Rhodes Consulting and The Color of Wellness Magazine. Healthcare turns to her for her way to motivate and engage communities, innovative thinking, and ability to move populations toward positive change.


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