The First Step + Consistency = A GREAT Start

So, you have decided to connect your nursing career along with your desire to own a business in order to become a Nurse Entrepreneur? Congratulations and Welcome To The Club!  I too made the same decision to join this race and connect my nursing career with my love of bold statement T-shirts and now am THE CEO of PILL APPAREL.  Let me just say that one of the biggest lessons that I have learned thus far is everyone has to start somewhere. For most newbies, of the biggest misconceptions amongst nurse entrepreneurs is you need to “have all your ducks in a row” before you can PASS GO and collect $200. You may feel like a specific “thing” has to happen before you can move forward or even get started. I am here to tell you from my own experience that is not the case. However, if you stay consistent, opportunities will arise that will catapult you to a higher level. If you choose to wait it out, procrastination will cause you to miss those time-sensitive opportunities and connections. You will soon discover opportunities have a way of meeting you where you're at. My biggest advice for up and coming Nurse Entrepreneurs--set realistic goals and expectations for your business while staying consistent!

As I write this blog post I am in the process of updating my website Meanwhile, I continue to promote, network and engage social media followers while building the Pill Apparel brand. In addition to owning Pill Apparel, I continue to work full time as a Registered Nurse in a direct care patient setting. Between our professional and personal obligations, we have to prioritize our time. Please remember, this race is not given to the swift. 

What has helped me most on this journey and #1 lesson, has been the ability to set realistic goals and breaking a bigger goal down into steps.  Let me share and example with you, my web designer gave me a list of tasks I need to complete to update the website. It would be next to impossible to complete all these tasks in one day. However, I can complete one task a day over the next two weeks at which time my web designer can start updating

As a new business owner, it may sometimes you may not generate an expected response to a sale or social media post. This is why being consistent is vital- lesson #2. Keep on building relationships, keep networking, and keep exploring ways to engage with potential customers-Lesson #3. Always remember, business building is a marathon and not a sprint

Therefore make it a habit to revel in, celebrate, and enjoy each success along the way.  

Tell yourself “ I HAVE GOT THIS” this and don't give up---->


Connect with me and let me know what your biggest lessons have been on your journey?

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