Why aren't Nurses taught business basics?

Universal coverage or not? Primary Care MD or ACO's/PMH's. Internal Medicine or Advanced Nurse Practitioners for Family Care? Go to Walgreens or Walmart for screenings? Nursing Shortage or Not? Mandated Staffing or no? BSN in 10 or not? Turnover vs Burnout...the list goes on and on... While Healthcare figures out which way is up---> what are we doing to share with our future nurses the vast opportunities that lay at their feet? Is Nursing about us or them? You see, healthcare is big enough to have an endless amount of players in the game. But will Nurses be happy and stick around for the long haul? That is a question that only an individual can answer. My personal and business mission however is to at least share the option of Entrepreneurship with our future Nurses. Healthcare is a highly profitable industry (Home Health Agencies, Assisted Living Facilities, CPR schools, etc.) and most times, without Nurses much of the required work could not be carried out. I enjoy empowering Nurses to take a look deep within a grab that passion, as well as explore all of the multiple opportunities that surround us in healthcare. You see, when Nurses are genuinely happy, then we will ALL begin to see improved outcomes in patient care.

Let those who truly want to be clinical be clinical. But those who want to support Healthcare in a different manner, (ie: entrepreneurship) teach them how to do that so that the ultimate end user, the patient, reaps all the benefit of us walking empowered in our true purpose and passions.

My mission is to expose Nurses to the vast number of options both in and outside of the clinical setting, so that they can best serve in the section of healthcare that they love best. Teach us Business Basics 101.

Allow us nurses to choose. Proud to expand my business' Consulting arm to include Business Basics for Nurses. Stay tuned.


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