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Uncategorized May 13, 2021

As we enter further into the month of May, spring is in full bloom. I see it as a very feminine, compassionate and maternal time of year. Not only is May the month of Mother’s Day and International Nurses Day, but everywhere in nature we see the world blooming again. As the weather becomes more nurturing, we see new growth and regeneration. A slight return to something somewhat "normal".

However, as we witness all this new life bursting forth around us, it’s important that we, as women, remember that it’s not only important to nurture those in our circle, but that we also turn our loving nature inward taking time to care for ourselves. When we remember to make this a priority, then we too can bloom in the spirit of spring.

There is so much to (re)focus on during this time of realignment such as limiting stress and nurturing mental wellness. Mental wellness can only be achieved if we learn how to keep our stress in check. When we get caught up in the business of life, and start focusing on others’ needs and requirements to the detriment of our own, we can lose sight of our personal goals and our wellbeing can suffer.

If you are a mother, the world dedicates a day to appreciate you. Rather than luxuriate in just one day, we can use this holiday as a reminder of how strong and hardworking we are every day. That there is a date on a calendar dedicated to us is proof that we should make time to appreciate ourselves all year long. Even if you’re not a mother, you’re still a creator and nurturer. You’ve created businesses, nurtured relationships and cultivated many amazing things in your life. So it’s important to recognize yourself and give yourself some TLC this month. The same is true if you’re a nurse. Let’s use the one day the world recognizes us, to make sure that we are aware of our worth all year long. It is always nurses day in my book!

So, by making self-care a priority, you’ll naturally reduce the stress in your life. And when you’re less stressed, you’re better able to help those around you. This month we just completed a get away for a small group of nurses so that we could decompress, recharge and reconnect. By deciding to prioritize self-care, we are put ourselves in a position of strength from which we can offer unlimited support and encouragement to our children and teens, both our own and those in our communities.

When we are actively taking care of ourselves, health risks naturally goes down. We can’t prepare for everything, of course. There are genetic elements and chance factors that play a role as well, but we can definitely improve our chances by prioritizing wellness, making time for self-care and supporting each other to do the same.

How do you plan to wash away stress this month? Breathe deeply, stretching, and indulge in a little reading of May's edition of The Color of Wellness Magazine gives depth, breath, wisdom and insights to just a few of these topics. Join us in May's journey.


If you are pretty on point with your self-care regimen, you still might be walking around in unfulfillment in other ways. Weather it be in your personal or professional goal achievement, filling yourself with positivity during these trying times, or just plain tired of being "stuck" where you are, then consider joining other Nurse Leaders and myself as we discuss ways to "Become Your Best Self" during my 3 day Masterclass in June.

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We look forward to hearing from you as to what you plan on doing this season to remain

whole, well, and better than the day before.


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