The Color of Wellness Show

The Color of Wellness Show

Hosted by: Michelle Greene Rhodes

The Color of Wellness" media platform is the 1st of its kind. We are here to serve as that bridge between black nurses and black wellness. Our mission is to be the "Voice of Black Wellness". From the magazine, to...

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The State of Maternal Health and Mortality with Janet Williams

Maternal health and mortality is an important topic, especially in the African-Amercan population where women are dying three to four times that of white women. Information, awareness and education is key to saving...
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How To Manage Your Energy For Wellness

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Why The Color of Wellness Is Important In Your Life

The Color of Wellness magazine concept is explained and it's importance and impact on the black community explored.
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Guilt-free self-care and boundary setting with Keeonna Williams

Michelle and Keeonna dig into the importance of unplugging and recharging not only for self-care but also for health and wellness.
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Pivot: It's Not a Dirty Word with Dr. East

Michelle chats with Dr. Carla East about owning your pivot and how to handle it.
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Meet the Founder of The Color of Wellness: Michelle G. Rhodes, MHS, RN

Michelle Rhodes and Amelia Roberts chat about nurses taking on entrepreneurship with Michelle's signature system to launch, grow and scale.
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